We carry a full line of metal roofing accessories to make North Star Metals your one stop shop for everything you need. 


We are the authorized Alaska dealer for Swenson Shears. These shears are a great tool for the roofing contractor.

Soffit & Siding Shear                                        Swenson Shear                        Hip/Valley Roofing Shear

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 X-10 VersaVent              

VersaVent Advantages

  • Maximizes net-free area
  • Durable: Tear and flame resistant
  • Won't scratch roof panel
  • Prevents insect, animal and snow infiltration
  • Meets all building codes
  • 99% recovery after compression

Ground Applied                   

  • One person installation
  • No fall protection required.
  • X-10 VersaVent will not blow away while installing on ridge cap.
  • No jobsite waste.
  • No additional roof measurements, chalk lines, sealants or clips required.
  • VersaVent ground application

 Lowest In-Place Cost

  • Highly engineered design allows 2 sku's to conform to most roof panel profiles
  • Easy, one-person installation
  • No fall protection required
  • Will not blow off while installing the ridge cap
  • Boxes contain 10 each 10' sections, and product can be ordered per job, matching ridge cap length
  • No roof measurements, caulking, sealants or clips required
  • Clean, dust free installation
  • One strip of continuous glue keeps material in place during installation
  • Screws go through ridge cap and VersaVent®
  • VersaVent Ridge Cap

DekTite® Roof Boots 

All-In-One flashing that revolutionized the industry.


DekTite® flashers come in nine different sized for pipes ranging from 1/4" to 19" in diameter and are available in black & grey EPDM or red brick silicone for high temperature application.

DekTite® flashers make installation a breeze on any kind of roofing.

  • Superior design
  • Fits any hole
  • 20 year warranty
  • Rapid installation
  • Low profile
DekTites Roof Boots


With DekTite® flashers, custom fabricating and time-consuming fittings are a thing of the past.

DekTite® flashers require no fancy tools or complicated installation methods. The rubber cone is clearly marked with pipe dimensions, in both inches and millimeters, so it can be easily customized with tin snips or scissors.

DekTite® flashers' flexible rubber won't crack and allows for expansion, contraction, and pipe vibration. The heavy rubber fold at the base allows them to fit any roof style.


Butyl Caulking Tape

A non-skinning, non-drying sealant of butyl-polyiso-butylene base extruded compound with excellent physical and weathering characteristics. Retains adhesion and elasticity in weather extremes (-60 to 212°F) for prolonged periods. Excludes air, dust, ice, and water. Ideal for sealing laps on all types of sheeting.

All test results and recommendations are based on laboratory tests. Specific job site conditions should be taken into consideration when specifying the proper fastener.

Because applications vary, we assume no liability for use of this information.