Star Panel Profile Metal Roofing




Our Star Panel Profile has a 36 inch coverage with a full 29 gauge thickness. The rib height is 3/4 inch. Our Star Panels can be produced in lengths from 36 inches up to 40 feet. (We can go even longer if you have a way to haul it.) Our Star Panels can be installed over an open purlin system, or a solid substrate. They can be used for exterior and interior applications. They are precisely formed with clean, distinct lines. They are intricately designed with a five degree over-bend on the overlap, combined with an anti-siphon groove on the underlap for superior weather tightness. This design also creates a less noticeable overlap, resulting in a more beautiful application.


Our Star Panel profile will save you money with our premium 5 Star 40 Year Limited Warranty. The initial cost is competitive with asphalt roofing considering the installation is less labor intensive. And the savings start to accumulate even more with time! You won't need to replace your roof when your neighbors with asphalt roofing need to. Our metal roofs will way outlast an asphalt roof! And there is less maintenance involved! Some insurance companies even offer discounts to homeowners with metal roofs! In event of a forest fire, metal roofs resist hot embers much longer than asphalt shingles. Cooling energy costs are often reduced as well because of the reflective values of light colored metal roofs. The long, durable life, backed by with our outstanding warranty make our Star Panel a great long term investment! 

Storm Shield Products in Alaska

Ceranamel™ XT-40S

Premium Exterior Coli Coating System

The Ceranamel™ XT-40S coil coating finishes provide a new level of Long Term Exterior performance for building product applications. The Ceranamel™ XT-40S Series is formulated with a Proprietary Super Durable Polyester resin which provides superior resistance to chalking, fading and environmental weathering. The Ceranamel™ XT-40s system also uses only the highest quality Exterior Grade and Cool Pigmentation to insure the best available long term high U.V. radiation color and gloss retention.

The Long Term exterior weathering performance makes Ceranamel™ XT-40S coatings your cost effective choice for Commercial, Monumental and Residential applications. Ideal for use on all Building Components especially Roof and Side panels, Soffit, Fascia, etc. The improved coating hardness and abrasion resistance make it a perfect choice for roof tile and shingle applications.

Available in a wide variety of standard and custom colors, an efficient custom color matching process provides quick delivery of special colors to meet customer needs. Ceranamel™ XT-40S finishes are designed for application to primed Hot Dipped Galvanized, Zinc-Aluminum Alloy Steel (i.e. Zincalume®, Galvalume®), Cold Rooled Steel and Aluminum substrates.

The Ceranamel™ XT-40S Series is a Custom Warranted coating system designed to be applied as two-coat primed/finish system. Use of the DC477 Global Primer imparts exceptional physical properties and corrosion protection. Our Backer completes the system and provides excellent "wet stack" corrosion protection and its internal lubricants assist roll forming.

The Ceranamel™ XT-40S Series is available in cool pigmentations to meet minimum solar reflectance requirements for Energy Star approval criteria.